Full chip floor coating provides an excellent flooring option in your garage. The coating consists of a primer layer applied to the concrete floor, followed by an epoxy that is impregnated with stone chips to the saturation point. This is all sealed in a final layer of epoxy. There are many benefits offered by full chip coatings.

1. High Durability

A thicker coating will provide better protection to the concrete subfloor beneath it, all while being damage resistant itself. This is especially helpful in garages that double as workshops since the use of tools and equipment increases the chances of concrete damage. Full chip coatings can be more than twice as thick as other types of coatings, and therefore, they are also twice as durable.

2. Slip Resistance

The chips impregnated into the coating result in a surface that isn't perfectly smooth, even after the final sealing coat of clear epoxy is applied. This slight roughness prevents slipping, which can be quite useful on a slick garage floor. Your installer can also texture the surface after the final epoxy application. Texturing doesn't really affect the floor's appearance, but it does increase traction.

3. Color Options

The color in full chip epoxy flooring is almost completely supplied by the stone chips, although a bit of color can be provided by tinting the epoxy that encases the chips. You can choose the color of the chips to match your decor needs. There will also be an option to include chips in one color or to use a variety of colors. To make it look sparkly, add some mica chips to the mix. 

4. Surface Protection

The top layer of epoxy provides a final seal and a final layer of protection against damage. Once fully cured, this layer creates a highly protective layer that can't be easily scratched. It's also non-absorbent, so stains won't be a problem. This is a much-needed quality when it comes to garage flooring that is subject to road dirt exposure as well as the possibility of leaking automotive fluids. Any spills will wipe up with no permanent damage.

5. Easy Maintenance 

The variegated patterns created by the chips help camouflage footprints and dust, so you won't need to scrub the garage down daily to keep it looking nice. When it is time for a more thorough cleaning, a simple sweep and the occasional wet mop are all that is necessary. Full chip coatings don't have any other ongoing maintenance needs as the durable finish doesn't require resealing or any other special treatments. 

Contact a professional garage floor coating service for more information.