Decorating a home that will be rented as a fully-furnished vacation home can be both fun and frustrating. You want everything to look great in all areas, but you don't want to invest in things that will get broken or stolen or could cause an injury to the guests renting the home.

Find a Home Décor Store

Typically speaking, once you find a home décor store that has something you like, you'll probably be able to find many more pieces that will coordinate nicely. Not only does shopping through one store make coordinating easier, it makes the overall ordering and record-keeping easier. You'll want all of those receipts for your tax preparer—the fewer receipts, the easier it is to claim the unquestionable deductions that you're owed.

Wall Décor

When choosing the wall décor, consider the weight of each item and think about how you'll be mounting each piece. Heavier pieces will need to be hung using hardware drilled directly into studs. If you're not planning on drilling into the walls and are using the removable hooks instead, choose lightweight items. You may also want to avoid glass items hung on the removable hooks—they are good, but not always reliable.


When considering the knick-knacks to finish the space, remember that you'll either have to clean everything, or hire a cleaning service to do it between each guest's departures. The more knick-knacks you have displayed on the surfaces, the more time it will take to get the cleaning done.

Look for pieces that make a statement, but can be moved with just one hand. Choose items that aren't extremely fragile or prone to collecting dust in nooks and crannies. Remember, the longer it takes to clean, the more money it costs in the long run.

Removable Sofa Covers

The furniture in the home will be some of your biggest investments. Fortunately, there are some lovely furniture covers that can easily be removed, laundered, and put back on in less than a day. This way, if there's a spill or things aren't smelling fresh, you can resolve it without much stress or expense.

Washable Throws and Pillows

All of the pillows and throws that you position around the home should be fully washable. Sanitation of these items is more important now than ever. A quick run through a sanitation cycle in the washer or steam dryer will be needed between guests.

Finishing the rental home with the perfect décor can be fun, but not so much fun that you want to do it repeatedly. Take your time and make the best choices that will last years before needing to be updated.

Check out a home décor store in your area for more information.