The cost of residential gutters depends on various factors, such as the guttering materials, type of house, roof design, and the square footage of the roof. Standard vinyl gutter installations cost as low as $3 per linear foot; however, if you opt for seamless gutters, expect to pay more. Unlike traditional gutters that are manufactured in sections, seamless gutters come in one long piece. The contractor cuts the materials on-site, which ensures the guttering covers your entire roof area. 

There's more to seamless gutters than their modern style and appealing look. Below are three practical reasons these gutters are worth the extra cost. 

Custom Design and Fit

A major drawback of regular gutters is that they are manufactured and cut off-site. Therefore, to cover your entire roof area, you have to connect various sections. This design leads to material wastage, which can significantly increase installation costs. What's more, there is no guarantee that the guttering system will fit your roof perfectly. 

Seamless gutters are custom designed on-site to meet your preference. The cutting machine cuts the material to the exact length and specifications of your project. The result is a perfectly fitting guttering system that improves the curb appeal of your roof. Also, there is less material wastage, which lowers the installation costs.

Better Water Transfer Rate

Guttering systems should collect all the water from the roof and redirect it to the drainage system. The design of the gutters can determine how fast rainwater is transferred from the roof to the downspouts. The seam design and box shape of conventional gutters increase friction as water flows through the material, which lowers the dispersion rate. Therefore, these gutters may easily overflow during heavy rains.

Seamless gutters provide a higher water transfer rate than traditional ones. The semi-round shape and seamless design reduce friction as water flows through, which increases its transfer rate. Therefore, even when there is heavy rainfall, your gutters will eject rainwater fast, thereby preventing an overflow and protecting your home's foundation from water damage.

Fewer Leaks and Clogs

Over time, the seams or sections on regular gutters can prove problematic. They can easily trap dirt and debris, causing your gutters to clog. Also, once the gutters age, they wear at the seams and start to leak. With seamless gutters, you don't have to worry about clogs and leaks. The shape and design of these guttering systems discourage debris buildup and eliminates weakness points. Therefore, with proper maintenance, seamless gutters can last several years without requiring repairs.

Quality seamless gutters may cost more than traditional gutters, but they are worth the extra cost. Contact a contractor for residential rain gutter installation services.