An awning is a popular upgrade to make to homes as it can help to make the outside of the home a more functional and comfortable area. However, there are many different types and styles of awning that can be installed.

How Do Retractable Awnings Improve A Home's Functionality?

Retractable awnings are among the more practical and popular options for this feature. A retractable awning will have the unique benefit of being able to be retracted when it is not actively needed. This is a great solution for homeowners that are wanting an awning that is easy to install or that have a small yard that they may not always want to be shaded. However, a disadvantage of a retractable awning system is that it may be less durable than a permanent awning, which can lead to it needing to be replaced more frequently and to be retracted before strong storms move into the area.

Are Cloth Awnings Difficult To Keep Clean?

Cloth is among the more affordable types of awnings that a homeowner can choose. However, these awnings will have the disadvantage of being less durable than those made of wood or metal as well as being more difficult to clean. For those that are wanting an awning that is particularly easy to maintain, there are metal awnings that can be custom-fabricated to fit your home. These awning systems will only need to be thoroughly sprayed with a hose in order to remove the dust and grime that could have gathered on them. Additionally, they will be made of metal that has been specially treated so that it will be less vulnerable to being damaged by prolonged or frequent moisture exposure.

Will An Awning Ruin The View From Windows On The Second Floor?

While an awning can help to improve the yard by adding a convenient shaded area, most homeowners will want to avoid impacting the view from the windows on the second floor. Luckily, an awning will be a fairly flat addition to make, and this will limit the impacts that the awning has on the view from the second floor. While those looking out of the second-floor window will not be able to look at the ground directly beneath the window, they will still be able to see clearly when they are looking straightforward. For those that have a retractable awning system, these impacts will be negated as the awning can be easily retracted when it is not in use, which will completely eliminate the impacts it has on the view from the windows.

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