Pest problems can be a serious issue for any homeowner to need to address. In addition to potentially causing extensive property damages, pests can also spread diseases to you or your family. Mice can be a particularly common pest that homeowners will need to address, but it can be easy for new homeowners to overlook some important steps for preventing mice from targeting their homes.

Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home For Holes And Gaps

When it comes to preventing mice, many homeowners will assume that simply keeping their property clean will prevent it from being targeted by these vermin. Yet, this is not the case as mice are attracted to dark and secluded areas, which can easily be found inside your home's walls or basement. To help prevent mice from easily gaining entry to your home, you should regularly perform thorough inspections of the exterior of the house. If you notice any gaps or holes in the exterior, you should have them sealed with caulk or patched so that mice will be unable to gain entry to your home through these spaces.

Keep The Garbage Bin Sanitized

Your garbage bin can be one of the worst smelling parts of your home. Not surprisingly, this can make it a prime target for mice. In order to reduce the attractiveness of your garbage bin, you should make sure to thoroughly sanitize it each week. When doing this step, you should fill it with water and add a small amount of bleach to it. The bleach will sanitize any odor producing bacteria. To help stop mice from targeting the garbage bin while it is filled with trash and waiting to be picked up, you should apply a small amount of ammonia to it each time you put a bag of trash in it as the smell will cover the odor of the decomposing trash.

Have Your Home Treated For Mice Each Fall

Each fall, you should consider hiring a professional to treat your house for mice. This is important even if you have not recently noticed mice in your house because the cold weather can cause them to seek the warmth of your home. By baiting and spraying the areas of the home that are most likely to be targeted by mice, you prevent them from being able to successfully build nests in your house. While you may be tempted to treat your own home for mice, this should be left to professionals for the best results as they have the experience needed to know where the mice will be most likely to target.

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