Shade sails are colorful residential patio and deck canopies that can add a dynamic look to your home and garden. Shade sails are available in various sizes and in four main shapes:  equilateral triangles, right-angle triangles, squares, and rectangles. These shapes can be installed together to cover many different sizes and shapes of outdoor areas. Shade sails are provided with mounting cables and attachment brackets. Here are some considerations when you purchase shade sails for your residence:

Shade Sail Colors - Shade sails are made of heavy-duty, fade-resistant, polyester fabrics that filter light. You can install several shade sails together for a dynamic effect. You can use shade sails of the same color to unify the amount of light on your patio or deck. It is also attractive to mix and match shade sail colors to create a mosaic of colors in your garden. Darker colors have more sun-filtering capabilities and lighter colors can create a dappled sunlight effect for delicate flowers and plants. 

Shade Sail Mounting Kits - Shade sails are designed to be used with heavy-duty, pad eye mounting brackets for maximum strength at each attachment point. You can mount these brackets onto wood or metal uprights with four screws. The shade sails are connected to the mounting brackets with snap hooks and turnbuckles. The turnbuckles in the shade sail mounting kits can shorten or lengthen the sail cables to get the perfect amount of tension in the sail.

Shade Sail Mounting Options - Many shade sails can be installed together to create custom canopies. They can be mounted over and under each other and intertwined together. For a dynamic look, install each corner of a shade sail at a different height to stretch it into a unique shape. You can also mount several triangular shade sails together to form a circular canopy that can act as a large umbrella. When different colored shade sails are interwoven and mounted together, the sun filtering effect is multiplied and a different shade color is created. 

Shade Sail Cleaning - Shade sails are easy to maintain during any season. Most dust and dirt can be removed by directing a spray of water from a garden hose onto the top of the sail. Use a brass twist nozzle on your garden hose to concentrate and direct the water spray. For any hard to clean areas, spray a mixture of detergent and any household cleaning liquid directly on the stained areas and allow to remain on the spot for 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly from above and below the stained area to completely remove the cleaning liquids. 

If you live in a location with a temperate climate, your shade sails can remain installed on a year-round basis. If you live in a climate that has snow or hail, you may want to remove your shade sails in winter weather and reinstall them again in the spring. Whether you use your shade sails all year round or just seasonally, you will be pleased with the color and filtered sunlight they bring to your residential patio, deck, and garden areas.