Have you just purchased a commercial property that needed some remodeling? If you're currently overseeing a semi-DIY redesign of the buildings on the property, take special care when installing the new gutters. Ensure that you speak to the contractors who are actually doing the work about every aspect of the gutters because these seemingly plain fixtures are crucial for keeping your customers, employees, tenants, and landscaping nice and safe. Certain issues can create massive headaches for people in the building if the issues aren't addressed correctly.


Commercial buildings tend to have very long sides, of course, all of which need gutters. Because you'll be installing longer pieces of gutter material, you'll need more supports. The weight of the rainwater running off a large commercial roof can overwhelm a gutter, even a large one built specifically for commercial use. If the gutter has too much rain running into it, it can allow the water to overflow, and it can collapse as well. You'll need to ensure your remodeling plans include enough supports to help hold up the gutters.

Gutter/Downspout Size

One area that can trip people up is gutter size versus downspout size. The downspout has to be big enough to handle all the water coming from the gutter. You're not going to be able to install a downspout that looks like one you'd find on your house. If you do, you'll end up with a waterfall right outside the downspout. A commercial downspout is larger and can affect how the building looks unless it is hidden well. You may want to have the gutter and downspout contractors help you design where to put the downspout so it isn't as obvious.

Roof Raking

If you're in an area that gets a lot of snow, that too can harm the gutter if you're not careful, especially if the roof on your building is moderately sloped instead of flat or low-sloped. If the snow builds up too much and suddenly breaks free, it can tear off the gutter if the gutter isn't placed properly. You'll have to ensure the gutters are attached at a point where anything sliding off the roof won't scrape against the edges of the gutters. You should also see about the feasibility of raking the roof every winter; on a large commercial roof, this can be difficult to do, but gently removing the snow before it builds into a thick, threatening layer is best.

Talk to the contractors who are working on the remodel about gutter placement and protection. They'll be able to suggest other strategies for keeping the gutters in one piece and in good shape. Contact a company like Northwest Rain Gutter to get started.