Your home's air conditioning system can be one appliance that you may not have any experience maintaining if you have recently purchased your first home. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can be a serious problem for your air conditioning. To help you keep your system in the best condition possible and avoid unnecessary air conditioning repairs, you will likely need to use the following tips to keep your air conditioner from suffering some performance hindering issues.

Keep The Unit's Coils Clean

Your air conditioning system will have a complex set of coils in it. These coils are designed to allow the heat from the refrigerant to be expelled. However, it is possible for dust and other particles to start to gather on them. As these materials accumulate, they will start to insulate the coils, which will prevent them from releasing the heat.

To avoid having this problem compromise the performance of your system, you should regularly use compressed air to remove any dust that is gathering on these coils. The exact location of the coils can vary due to your air conditioner's configuration, but you will be able to locate the steps for this task in the owner's manual of your unit. Ideally, this maintenance should be done each year prior to the start of spring.

Trim Plants And Grasses Away From The Unit

When you are cleaning the coils of your air conditioner, you should also take the time to inspect the unit to make sure there are no large plants or grasses growing close to it. These plants will inhibit the airflow of the system, which can lead to a host of performance issues and mechanical problems for the unit. Additionally, it is possible for leaves, sticks and blades of grass to get pulled into the unit, which may jam the internal components of the system. For this reason, trim any plants near the unit at least a few feet away from to allow for better airflow.

Caring for your home's air conditioning system can be essential for help to avoid some performance issues and repair expenses. However, it can be common for new homeowners to have a very limited understanding when it comes to the maintenance needs of their air conditioning system. By making sure to keep the evaporator coils clean and keep plants from growing too close to the unit, you will be able to minimize some of the more routine issues that these systems can experience.