Fiber cement siding is becoming very popular in residential construction. It is a durable and stylish siding option that is a good alternative to vinyl. Many people prefer the more rustic look of fiber cement siding over vinyl. It is basically made out of a composite of concrete aggregate and epoxies. It looks very much like natural concrete, but it is much lighter and more waterproof. This article explains why you should consider fiber cement in your building construction.

Versatile Styles and Colors

Fiber cement is very versatile. You can buy raw concrete color siding. Then, you can repaint it whatever color you want, just like stucco. Painting fiber cement is a simple DIY job. Also, you can buy colored siding. You can choose from a range of natural colors. Many people buy products that have multiple colors. This is particularly popular in shingle-style siding. This allows you to create a random mosaic look on your siding. Basically, you should have no problem finding a color and style that matches your aesthetic.

Plank or Shingle Style

You can also choose between different styles of fiber cement siding. Plank siding is similar to vinyl and installation is the easiest because there are fewer pieces. Many people prefer the look of shingle-style siding. These pieces are smaller and lighter, so installation takes a little longer. The maintenance and durability of both products is similar. However, it might be easier to change damages that occur to small sections of shingle siding. You can change one or two shingles with ease. Changing an entire plank to fix one small damaged area is a little harder and unnecessary.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Fiber cement, like vinyl, is very easy to maintain. It is perfectly waterproof so you can easily clean it with sponges or a pressure washer. Just spraying down your walls with a hose can also help remove any dirt buildup. Fiber cement is also very easy to patch. You can use a basic, premixed concrete patch to quickly fix small dings and holes in your siding. Of course, the main concern is matching the color. This is not an issue if you have painted siding.

When it comes down to it, fiber cement is every bit as practical as vinyl. It is definitely a product you should consider whether you are building a brand new home or just making renovations to your property. Contact a company like Paradise Fencing for more info.