When the sun comes out and the ground warms up, flower lovers cannot wait to tend to their outdoor refuge, the patio. If you have always wanted to turn your patio into a garden paradise but were afraid to begin, you can get started with some patio furniture that doubles as a planter. Then you can add colorful blooms that are quick and easy to raise. Make this spring the beginning of your patio adventure.

Patio Furniture

Perhaps the most attractive and yet practical patio furniture for your needs is the corner bench/planter combination. You can have two comfortable benches joined by a planter with another planter on each end. You can also add a table with a center box for yet more flowers. You can add even more planters on the patio and then add a border for even more flowers.  


Annuals are easy to plant and are for all summer long. The main thing you need know is whether you need flowers that grow best in shade, partial sunlight, or full sunlight. Sketch out your patio area before you go to buy plants. Then take advantage of the floral specialists who should be there to help you. You can choose from such plants as begonia, primrose, and impatiens for shaded areas. Chrysanthemums and begonias do well in partial sun, and marigolds, zinnias, and geraniums thrive in full sun. You can plant them rather thickly to make your patio and border look particularly eye-catching.


Perennials bloom year after year with very little effort on your part. When you plan carefully, you will have annuals and perennials blooming all summer long in colorful shifts. Each year, you can build on the flowers you already have until you have a full and distinctive patio area. If you are worried about your gardening skills, you can choose some varieties that are nearly foolproof. Dianthuses come in multiple colors, both single and double blooms, that thrive in heat and cold. They make a good filler under other, taller flowers and plants, and they keep coming back year after year. They are nearly foolproof.

Another excellent choice is the hibiscus. It grows tall, lovely, and bright, giving a tropical look to the area around your patio. It does need adequate moisture and room to grow, but you will not have to do much to keep it robustly blooming each year.  You can also add some ground cover perennials, such as thyme or bishop's weed.

Make this your spring to become a patio gardener. You can successfully plunge in if you choose the right plants for your particular yard and choose some easy-going varieties that will forgive your mistakes. Choose both annuals and perennials to give your patio landscaping the look of abundance. Remember, it will take several years to build your patio area to get the final look you want, but you can have excellent results in just one season.