If your young grandchildren will be visiting you soon and you would like to decorate and furnish a guest room in your home so that it is kid-friendly, consider the following ideas. Once you have added some adornments and equipment to the room, your grandchildren will have a comfortable area to spend time in that will pique their interest.

Stenciled Drapery

Cover plain drapes with a painted pattern that includes the letters of the alphabet, cartoon characters, or another picture that your grandchildren will enjoy. Remove the drapes from the rods that are holding them in place. Launder and dry the drapes before pressing each one with an iron to remove wrinkles. Line up stencils across each drape that depict various items. Use a ruler to help you space them out evenly.

Attach the stencils to each drape with fabric tape. Use a thin paintbrush to fill the stencils in with fabric paint. Select a brand of  paint that is designed to permanently adhere to different types of fabric. Once the paint has dried, add a second coat if more coverage is needed. Reattach the drapes to the rods. The drapes can be laundered in the future and the paint will not peel off or fade. 

Media Corner

Place a bookcase in one corner of the room and fill it with some of your grandchildren's favorite books and magazines. Set a couple beanbag chairs or child-sized recliners in front of the case. Arrange end tables next to the furniture and set small lamps on them.

Place a small television stand next to the bookcase and set a television on top of it. Your grandchildren can enjoy unwinding after a busy day of playing by reading some of their favorite stories and watching shows that are age appropriate for them. 

Game Bins

Purchase some large, plastic bins with matching lids and place a variety of board games inside of them. Design file cards that have a drawing of each game that is contained inside of the bins. Laminate the file cards and attach them to the appropriate bins with tape.

Purchase a small rug and set it up next to the bins. Your grandchildren can help themselves to the games that they prefer and play them on the rug. Once they have finished playing, the games can easily be placed back inside the proper bins until your grandchildren would like to play with them again.

Your grandchildren will likely enjoy spending time in the guest room and will appreciate the kid-themed decorations, furnishings, and toys that you have provided for them.

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