If you are planning to retire soon and also want to retire your home, you have to make a decision on where you want to live. Below are two options you can choose from to help you make a decision that you will be happy with. 

Park Model

A park model is a recreational vehicle (RV) that is generally designed for either a permanent placement or long-term placement in any place where RVs are allowed. This could be a mobile home park, campground, or on a private property you have access to. The park model is set up, and then connected to the utilities that are needed to operate it like a home.

Park models generally have a metal or shingled roof. They also have siding choices of split log, Masonite, vinyl, aluminum, and cedar. Many park models include a built-in porch or a deck area. You can also find park models that look more like a traditional RV. Contact a local outlet, such as Resort Homes, for further assistance. 

There are park model standard requirements you have to follow. What these requirements are depends on the state you live in.

Retirement Community

There are many different types of retirement communities available for you. You can even find retirement communities that are themed. For example, if you are into old cars, you may find a retirement community full of people that love restoring old cars.

If you have always wanted to go back to school and finish your college degree, you may be able to find a local college in your area that has a retirement community on their campus that gives you access to classes, as well as all the other campus amenities, such as medical care, fitness rooms, dining, and more

You can also find retirement communities that cater to those people that love hot rods and motorcycles. These retirement communities encourage you to bring along your classic car, boat, camper, or motorcycle. You can find homes that have a two or three car garage, or a yard large enough to park an RV, boat, etc.

If you want to stay in shape, you can find retirement communities that focus on fitness and exercise. These communities have fitness rooms with all the fitness equipment you need. They also generally have walking and jogging areas, tennis courts, exercise classes, and a heated pool.

Most retirement communities also offer health care and have on staff medical personnel to help you, if needed.