If you have just gotten a dog, and you are concerned about it running out of your yard, you most likely have thought about having a fence installed. When installing a fence, there are several options to consider, including the aesthetics to your property, the level of maintenance needed to upkeep the structure, and the strength in keeping your dog inside. Here is a quick rundown of some of the more popular fence choices that dog-owners select in an attempt to help you make a decision as to which type will best suit your specific needs.

Chain Link Fencing

Placing a chain link fence on your property is a sturdy alternative to keep your dog contained. It is durable and only needs to be cleaned down every few months to help keep it looking nice around your yard. The plus to chain link fencing is that your dog can see out, allowing it the feeling of a larger area to roam. It also allows others to see in, allowing your yard to be appreciated from afar while giving the benefit in alerting others there is a dog on the property.

Wood Fencing

Using wood as a fence choice can give your home a trim appearance when keeping your dog inside. You can paint or stain the wood to match your home's decor, giving your yard a country feel as as result. Overall wood fences do well at keeping dogs inside, but you risk having them bite at the wood. To avoid this, use a deterrent such as spraying the planks with vinegar to keep your dog from using it as a chew toy.

You will need to do routine maintenance to upkeep the look of your fence including cleanings and repainting or staining to keep wood from rotting. Wood fencing is a wonderful choice when you care about the appearance of your property, as it can improve the look of your property while containing your dog.

Mesh Fencing

Using a fence made of mesh is an alternative when you are waiting to have a sturdier fence constructed. This is the type of fencing you see around pools or trampolines, allowing you to see through the fencing to the other side. It is not as pleasing cosmetically but it will help you contain your dog in a pinch. This is best saved to contain smaller dogs.

Invisible Fencing

If you are looking for a great way to keep your dog contained without giving up the appearance of an open-air yard, invisible fencing is an option. This type of "fence" is actually made from several small "posts" that are placed in the ground along the perimeter you wish your dog not to cross. Your dog is fitted with a color that will send a slight jolt or zapping sensation when the pet gets too close to the posts underground. 

This method takes a few weeks to effectively work, but after your dog is taught they will receive this jolt when getting to the danger zone, they will become accustomed to staying away from that area to avoid it. You will in time be able to put your dog outside without the collar, as they will be trained to stay within the boundaries.

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