The flowers that you choose for your wedding are often going to be one of the focal points of the ceremony and the reception, especially where the photographer is concerned. If you want to make sure the photos that you post on your various social media platforms make your followers squeal with delight, rather than shrug with boredom, you are going to need to up your wedding flower game. Here are some cool ideas to make sure your wedding pictures stand out.

1. Floating Flowers

Pomanders are perfect balls of flowers that are able to float, partly submerged, on the surface of the water. If you have any sort of pond, fountain, or other water feature at your wedding, you absolutely want to utilize floating pomanders to increase the "wow" factor of your decorations. Ask your florist to prepare balls of varying sizes for the fountain or pond and then put them in right before the reception starts so they are still fresh.

If you don't have any water features at your reception location, make some yourself. Purchase large, glass dishes that you can put in the center of every table. Fill these dishes with water and pomanders right before the reception. These floating flower arrangements will be sure to make your wedding stand out in the minds and hearts of your guests and followers.

2. Inverted Flowers

Another option is to invert your flowers to frame an area that you want your guests to see. For example, if you are planning on displaying your engagement photos or other items that represent your relationship with your fiancee, then consider setting up a single area to show these items. Then, ask your wedding florist to hang a planter above this area so that the tops of the flowers will hang just above your guest's heads when they are looking at your photos. Put a backdrop behind this area to make it feel as though the flowers are part of a frame.

3. Mini Trees

Finally, consider purchasing small trees from your local gardening store. Make sure that each is small enough to work as a centerpiece for a table. Spray paint the trees gold or silver. Then, choose small clusters of flowers to go around each tree or hang tiny pomanders from the tree's branches. You can even hang tiny lanterns from the trees with electric tea lights to give a glow to each table.

For more ideas on how to display flowers at a wedding, talk with a florist from a business like Charlotte County Flowers.