When planning a remodeling project or designing your kitchen, try some suggestions that facilitate the flow of positive energy through the space. Many claim that Feng Shui can impact their moods, health, productivity, and prosperity. Try some of these strategies to improve your home's ch'i.

Creating a kitchen with good ch'i and a positive flow involves many different things, including:

The lay-out.

When you want to help the flow of positive energy through your kitchen, it is important that the door to the room isn't in a direct line with any door that leads to the outside. This propels too much positive energy too forcefully through the space. Since it is not practical to move the doors in the home, you can put up some kind of barrier, such as furniture, to slow down the rush of energy.

The appliances.

The layout of the appliances contributes significantly to the ch'i, especially the stove. According to Feng Shui design theory, the stove is very important and should be in a very prominent position that allows the user a full view of anyone coming into the kitchen space. If this isn't feasible, use a reflective back-splash or mirrored tile behind the stove to gain a view behind you.

The furnishings.

Rounded corners on your table, chairs, and even counters helps nurture positive flow of ch'i through the kitchen. Another thing that can impede the positive energy that moves through your home is having too much furniture in a space. Minimize your furniture to help facilitate energy flow and to lighten up your kitchen.

The colors.

The colors that you use in your kitchen can impact the energy, and since red represents fire and blue symbolizes water, you should use a combination of the two for balance and harmony. The ideal color scheme is to use color from each of the elements, including green plants or foliage, which represent the element of wood.

The accents.

Large windows or bays allow good ch'i to flow directly out of your home. In the kitchen, try placing accents, such as plants or red glass on the sill to slow it down. Consider switching boxy cabinets above eye-level with open shelves for balance and flow.

Many of the principles of Feng Shui design theory make sense and seem to create a nice flow throughout the space. This is particularly relevant when configuring your kitchen, as this is a space that often serves many utilities and functions. Whether you entertain or host meals, or if you enjoy crafting or working on hobbies at the kitchen table, try these Feng Shui strategies to promote positive energy throughout your home.  

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