Finding a place to house all of your seasonal and outdoor items can be difficult in a small house. A smart way to combat this is to create an outdoor storage space to suit your needs. A key thing to remember when storing items outside is to thoroughly waterproof. Here are a few simple ways to waterproof your outdoor storage.

1. Waterproof sheds.

Sheds are a great place to store outdoorsy items or home goods overflow, but you should make sure your shed is in good shape. When looking for a good outdoor shed, you'll need three things: a raised floor, a protected roof, and treated wood.

  • Floor: a shed should never be placed directly on the ground, as moisture will seep up and ruin your possessions. The floor must be detached to prevent this.
  • Roof: adding metal or fiberglass to a shed's roof will help drainage and prevent water damage.
  • Treated wood: any wooden siding on a shed needs to be treated and sealed to prevent rot, warping, and other water damage. Wood treatment kits can be easily purchased at any hardware store.

2. Waterproof deck storage.

An under-utilized storage area is the space under a deck. Many homes have decks with ample room for hefty storage containers to be placed underneath, freeing up closets and rec rooms for more important items. In order to best make use of this space, you must first waterproof the deck.

To waterproof a wooden deck, you'll first need to prepare the area. Replace any planks that are warped or rotten, and then pressure wash and sand the surface. Sanding will allow whatever top coat you apply to sink into the wood. There are a few different types of waterproof top coats you can apply to a deck: sealants, rubberized coatings, and waterproof membranes.

  • Sealant: a wood sealer is a clear, waterproof coating you can apply to any wood to help protect it from the elements. Applying a sealant is easy but best done during dry weather. Simply follow the sealant's mixing directions and apply with the wood grain using a long paint brush or roller.
  • Rubberized Coating: this is ideal for plywood decks and is made of elastic or rubberized paint. This helps to waterproof the wood, as well as provide texture to prevent slipping. Rubberized coatings are applied the same way sealants are and can be completed personally in just a weekend.
  • Waterproof membrane: these membranes are often made out of vinyl and are the perfect solution to under-deck storage. Membranes are professionally placed over the deck, so no water can seep through the cracks.

3. Pick the best containers.

After you've chosen a space for your storage, whether it be a shed or a deck, you'll need to pick the best containers to hide away your items. Plastic containers are well suited for outdoor storage, as they help keep thing clean and dry should your waterproofing fail. If you need to store fabric or other easily damaged items, consider investing in a vacuum sealer. These machines seal possessions in an air-tight bag that ensures their safety even in the wettest of situations. For more information, contact a business such as Palmisano Ralph Movers.