A great way to transform the look of your bathroom is by doing a tile remodel. Unfortunately, new tiles can be incredibly expensive, especially if you're opting for the more pricy types of tile. Here are a few tips that will help you save a substantial amount of money on tiles.

Decorative Border

Contrary to popular belief, the white bathroom is still very much in style. This is good news for homeowners, as plain white tiles tend to be very inexpensive, even if you opt for tiles of high quality. On the other hand, mosaic tiles tend to be very pricy. This is especially true if you want to remodel your entire bathroom with mosaic tiles. Therefore, you should opt to use the mosaic tiles as a decorative border in order to save money while achieving a modern, fancy look for the bathroom. Just purchase a few mosaic tiles to use for visual interest and use basic white tiles for the rest of the remodeling. This money-saving technique has actually been around for quite a while and is likely evident to anyone who has a vintage bath.

Feature Wall

If you're not interested in incorporating borders and stripes into your bathroom, you should consider having a feature wall of some sort. The feature wall should be made behind the sink or on the back wall of the shower or tub. For the rest of the bathroom, you should simply use basic white tiles. In most cases, a feature wall has a much better effect than remodeling an entire bathroom with mosaic tiles. Using mosaic tiles to remodel an entire bathroom can have an excessively dramatic effect, especially if you choose to do the remodeling with flashy mosaic tiles. If done well, the presence of a feature wall can make your bathroom appear larger and more sophisticated in terms of appearance.

Of course, you will likely need to purchase more mosaic tiles to create a feature wall. However, you will still save more money than if you had remodeled the entire bathroom with pricy mosaic tiles. It may also be an option to buy marble tiles for your project.

Tile remodeling can be very pricy for homeowners, especially for those who have no idea where to start when it comes to saving money on the materials. As you can see, there are fortunately many things you can do to save money on tiles. Just follow the tips listed above and you will likely save a fortune on tiles.