Patio screen doors often have a very humdrum look to them. They feature a screen with a wooden frame and giving them a bit of character can be a bit difficult. If you want to customize your screen door so that it looks a bit more stylish, you may want to consider needlepointing it. Below is a guide for creating a customized look on your patio screen door.

Choose Your Design

You need to first choose the design you want to create on the door. Many people choose to put the initial of their last name on their door to create a customized look. Draw the design you want to create on the screen with a marker so that it is easy to see, when you are ready to create the design.

Choose Your Thread

You will be using embroidery thread to create the design.  You want to choose bright thread to be sure that it is easy to see when it is sewn through the screen.

Create Your Design

Thread an embroidery needle with the embroidery thread. When doing needlepoint, the thread is often separated by pulling the strands of thread apart, but for this particular job, you want to use all of the strands together to ensure that you are able to create a bold look. Start at the inner edge of your design and outline the piece by pressing the needle from the portion of the door that faces the inside of the house to the outside of the door. String the needle in and out of the mesh to create the design. It will take quite a while to create the entire design, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Protect the Thread

When you finish creating the design, you need to protect the thread because it will be standing up to the elements. Use polyurethane spray to spray both sides of the design to create a protective barrier. The spray will dry very quickly and keep the thread from deteriorating too quickly.

The design will stay in place until you choose to remove it. It can be a great way to customize a rental property because the thread can simply be snipped to remove them, when you choose to leave the property. Removing the threads will take just a few minutes and there should be no permanent damage done to the door.

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