Depending on the size of your windows, window treatments may cost more than you want to spend. You can easily make no-sew curtains that are both unique and budget-friendly in a single afternoon. Follow these instructions to cover your windows with treatments you have made yourself.

What You Need

  • Fabric
  • Fusible Bonding Web (also called hem tape)
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board (or other flat, heat-resistant surface)
  • Damp Hand Towel
  • Curtain Rod of Your Choice
  • Drapery Clip Rings
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

What To Do

1. Measure the length and width of the window you are making the window treatments for. For the length, start measuring at the top of the window where you will hang the rod, and measure down until you get to the spot where you want the curtains to end. For the width, measure one to two inches beyond your window on both sides. Write these numbers down so that you have them handy as you are choosing and working with your fabric.

2. Go to the fabric store with your window measurements. Walk up and down the aisles, looking for bolts of fabric that catch your eye. Cotton, linen and duck fabrics work best for curtains because of their weights. Pull out the bolts of the fabrics that you like and lay them side by side. Seeing them together will help you make your final decision.

3. Ask one of the clerks in the store to help you determine how much yardage of the fabric you will need. Generally, adding four inches to the length and width of the window measurements you made will give you enough fabric to work with, including any slight mistakes you may make. For example, if you measured 36 inches by 36 inches, you would want a piece of fabric that is at least 40 inches by 40 inches (or just over a yard square). Buy a roll of hem tape with your fabric.

4. Measure your windows one more time, just as you did in the first step. The rule of thumb is measure twice, cut once. Make sure that your new measurements match your first ones; if not, measure again. This helps you avoid making mistakes with your fabric.

5. Lay your fabric flat in such a way that the edge the will make the bottom of your curtains is towards your body and the edge that will be the top is away from you. Cut the fabric exactly in half, starting at the bottom and cutting to the top.

6. Using your iron, press a half-inch hem all around your two pieces of fabric.

7. Cut appropriate pieces of hem tape and slide them into the hems that you have just ironed into your fabric. When the hem tape is in place, place a damp hand towel over an area and press your iron to the towel firmly for 10 seconds. Follow this step until you have fused the hem around each piece of fabric. Let the fabric cool, and try to gently lift the hem. Any spots that have not fused completely should be re-ironed.

8. Hang your curtain rod. Attach drapery clip rings to the top edge of your curtain panels. Space the clips 3 to 4 inches apart, depending on how much support your fabric needs. Hang the curtains on your rod.

These no-sew curtains are incredibly easy to make. With beautiful fabric, a few supplies and an afternoon, you can make great window treatments that are unique to your sense of style. Remember to be careful with your measurements and cutting when making these curtains; you can always trim off more, but you cannot add fabric back. Contact a company like F & R Interiors for more information.